How it works

Ae identify, secure, post, and maintain backlinks.

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Onboarding Form

Embarking on your LinkifyPlus journey begins with our easy-to-complete onboarding form. This initial step allows us to understand your specific needs, goals, and preferences, enabling us to tailor an effective link-building strategy unique to your business.

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Backlink Proposals

Before we proceed with any work, we provide clients with detailed backlink proposals, ensuring full transparency and alignment with your expectations. These proposals outline the prospective links and the potential they hold for your SEO growth, empowering you to make informed decisions before any billing occurs.

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Posting (+ maintenance)

We not only secure and post your high-quality backlinks, but also offer an optional maintenance service to ensure their ongoing relevancy and impact. Regardless of the chosen service level, all links we provide are permanent, bolstering your SEO efforts over the long term.

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Payment Billed

We believe in delivering value before payment. Therefore, we automatically bill only after all agreed work has been completed, ensuring you see tangible results before any financial transaction. This commitment to a results-first approach underscores our dedication to your success.


Can you guarantee a first-page ranking?

No SEO agency can guarantee first-page rankings.

Can I choose the websites or topics on which the links will be built?

Yes, you can choose the websites or topics for contextual backlinks. However, for non-contextual backlinks, the options are usually more general in nature so the answer is no.

Can I use multiple URLs and keywords?

Depending on the package, we allow for the use of 1 URL and up to 6 keywords in contextual backlinking.

Do you provide nofollow or dofollow links?

We provide a combination of nofollow and dofollow links, with a typical mix of 60% or more dofollow links. It is important for Google to perceive a balanced and diverse link profile.

Why are some links DA or DR 40-50?

Our initial focus is on high DA or DR websites, preferably those with a score of 90 or above. However, it is crucial for Google to observe a diverse range of websites with varying DA or DR scores in order to maintain a healthy link profile.

Do you provide reporting on your work and backlinks?

Yes, we provide reports for every backlink, and if necessary, we also include usernames and passwords for profiles.

How many domains to backlinks do you provide?

We maintain a 1:1 domain to backlink ratio, ensuring that each backlink is unique and of the highest quality.

What website languages do you accept?

Currently, we only accept English.

What is the role of content in your backlinking process?

For non-contextual backlinks, we do not utilize any content in any circumstance. However, for contextual backlinks, we typically incorporate your backlink into existing content based on the keywords that you choose.

Will this help me increase my domain authority, domain reputation, and SEO positioning?

Yes, absolutely! We can help you increase your domain authority, enhance your domain reputation, and improve your SEO positioning.

What does delivery time look like?

We strategically distribute the backlinks throughout the entire production month when working with you. This approach creates a more natural feel for Google.

Do you use whitehat methods?

We strictly adhere to whitehat methods that are recommended by Google and we do not engage in any form of deceptive practices.

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